International Boat Shipping & Delivery Services

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Kenter Logistics can help with the transporting or shipping of all watercraft including the procurement of International yachts and boats, by managing your requirements. Clients have unique requirements and expectations when it comes to transporting a yacht or organising freight for a boat.

Kenter logistics provide the below services:

LOLO Shipping

Lift on – Lift off boat shipping is used for larger boats, commercial vessels and Luxury Yachts. It involves direct water to water from alongside the ship and lashing the boat to the deck of the ship. A boat cradle is manufactured and custom built for the hull and delivered to vessel prior to boats arrival alongside, a crane places this on the Hatch covering to take the vessels into position on board the Ship. The boat is sailed or powered alongside the Vessel. Heavy Duty Slings are then placed under the Boat by Divers and moved into Place with the help of a Marine Surveyor. The boat is lashed and secured to the Cradle along with Shackles pre-welded on the Ships Deck.

As per examples on our gallery pages when we have used this method for Yachts, Ferries and Commercial Vessels from (32ft) 9.75m to (150ft) 42m in length and for 200 tonnes plus. Look at the amazing 500mt Cruise Ship we loaded and stowed from Brisbane.

RORO Shipping

Roll on-roll off boat shipping is one of the most common methods available for transporting boats from USA to Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia, or New Zealand. As the name implies, boats are “rolled on” and “off” the vessels on their own trailers. (ask the team about permits required to import boat trailers) They are stowed under the vessels decks along with other “rolling” or self-propelled cargoes, such as trailers, motorhomes, vehicles, construction and mining machinery etc.

Why use roll on – roll off service?

Some of the advantages of this shipping method are simplicity and lower handling fees at destination ports. This service can be considered for boats of all types and sizes, on trailers or without. However, there are certain size restrictions that apply for all cargoes that are stowed on the various levels due to height and weight. It is crucial to provide accurate Length, Width and height measurements of the boat when requesting a quotation.

Roll on – roll off service is limited to certain ports in USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, so it may be worthwhile considering a Flatrack. Transit times are often not as fast as a container shipping service. For example, a container ship from Los Angeles to Melbourne can be as fast as 18-23 days, while roll on – roll off service may take from 30 to 60 days. If you are looking to import a boat from United States to Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, but uncertain where to begin, please call us and describe your boat and providing location of the boat in America (USA), and we’ll revert with available shipping options, transit times and costs of shipping.

Roll on / roll off (RO-RO) service is available from following ports in USA:

  • Long Beach CA
  • Port Hueneme CA
  • Galveston TX
  • Baltimore MD
  • Charleston SC
  • Brunswick GA
  • Savannah GA
  • Jacksonville FL

Container Shipping

Container shipping of boats can often be the most cost effective and fastest transit available. Additionally you know the boat is secure and nothing can be removed or stolen from the boat whilst in transit. This method is ideally used for boats up to 7 meters in length and with a beam of no more than 2.6 meter Beam. There is some risk involved as the boat is shipped and lashed on its side with in the container. Internal dimensions are LWH 12.03m x 2.348m x 2.69m so you can see it takes a bit of lifting in and back out. The door width is 2.337 and height is 2.577m. If your ski boat is under the above dimensions it can definitely make sense to consider the option of shipping in a container. We can also look at loading on a Flat rack. This option is also used for Ports that Roro ships do not call on a regular basis.

So, if your boat fits in a container, we can export from USA to New Zealand.


Marine Insurance

We understand that your watercraft is highly valuable and requires the skills of a highly dedicated team to manage relocating it. Along with our policy of satisfaction to our clients, in order to additionally ensure that your cargo is completely protected against unforeseen events such as damage or loss, Kenter Logistics can arrange marine insurance on your behalf. We can consult with the appropriate bodies in regards to arranging marine insurance in the following ways:

  • Arrange tailored insurance packages at competitive rates
  • Marine Survey and Pre-Purchase Report
  • Include insurance options at time of quote

Additional Services

  • Inland Road Haulage
  • Anti Foul and hull cleaning
  • Cradle Construction
  • Full Escrow Secure Payments – Our transporters can present a cashier’s cheque to the seller in exchange for your boat/yacht for guaranteed payment security

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