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Recent Changes To Importing Requirements

Posted on June 24th, 2013

News of significance in changes to importers requirements comes from the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) to ICONs import conditions database. Where importers of both new and used machinery and/or equipment have previously practised routine assessment, importers are advised that updated import conditions have recently been passed for both new and used equipment.

Approved in order to maximise the efficiency of national biosecurity measures, these changes are implemented and recommended to update the withstanding risk minimising measures.

Where the previous 14 ICON cases once stood in effect, changes mean these cases have been condensed into 4 adapted cases, which are also available on the ICON conditions database and will be made effective as of June 24, 2013.

As follows, alterations to the ICON cases are limited to each case covering all countries, for all uses other than animal foods, fertilisers or for growing purposes.

Company representatives are now able to sign for and declare the new unused declaration and the commercially remanufactured declaration, which may also occur in the country of import.

Changes also include the declaration for cleanliness in packing requirements has been removed, and machinery profiles have undergone assessment in order to adapt and improve the referral of risk commodities.

Additionally, treatments for contamination have also been engaged for adaptation and streamlining measures.

Appropriate import conditions are the focus in updated search synonyms, with the application of closer monitoring measures of break bulk cargo shipments over long distances.

These changes have been made to action more comprehensive and streamlined import conditions for both imported new and used machinery and equipment.

Relevant parties are advised that there will be no increased financial or administration requirements for the industry, minimising the financial impact of the agreed new conditions on industry counterparts.

Existing import permits are to be updated using a systematic service once the new conditions commence in action.

Further questions and concerns or general information regarding these changes or details about import requirements is available both online and by telephone. Email the ICON administrator or contact your closest DAFF office to clarify any of these updated regulations.