Industrial & Commercial Relocation Management

Heavy Lift

Kenter specialises in the full Supervision of shipping project and heavy cargo from site to site including road transportation, surveying, loading, lashing, stowage, securing, unloading, and the documentation to accompany you heavy cargo. Project cargo and heavy lift cargo can range in size and shape from relatively small pieces of disassembled equipment shipped in crates or on pallets, to enormous 500mt Ferries. Project cargo is generally shipped as break bulk or secured on flatracks. Our role is to ensure that the items being moved are safely and professionally stowed and secured to prevent damage to the vessel or the cargo during transit and to ensure that no damage is caused to the vessel, cargo or wharf during discharge of the cargo from the vessels holds.

Industrial & Commercial Relocation Project Management

Kenter Logistics provides a complete project management service that can cater for any-sized operation or location. Our combined 45 years’ experience includes Ship Load Planning and Stability, Stevedoring, Heavy Haulage, Container Terminal Management, Transportation Logistics, Vessel Operations and International Shipping of heavy machinery and project cargo. Our experience as a trusted provider of global freight solutions makes us your go-to solution for all industry needs.

Industrial and Commercial Expertise

Our strength and experience in all these areas gives you a seamless and tailored global logistics service from beginning to end. With a focus on streamlining the procedure for our clients, bringing to the table a no-nonsense transportation service with reliability and dedication to the task on hand at the forefront of our mission, we are able to provide a seamless service for your project logistics management needs in the following ways:

  • We can help you avoid costly delays and unexpected costs
  • We can minimise your exposure to risk
  • We can handle each and every aspect of your project to ensure synergy, cost-effectiveness and successful completion

Relocation made simple

Relocation of equipment from site to site is all in a days work for Kenter. Without unnecessary concern to you, our professional freight team is able to make easy the procedures of technical relocations without you having to experience the stress of directing a relocation you’re responsible for. With your satisfaction as a client as our priority, we’ll tailor a complete relocation logistics package to meet your time and budget needs for moving. Kenter Logistics are skilled and able to assist in all areas of:

  • Plant and equipment
  • Drill Rig machinery
  • Mining machinery
  • Hire Plan and Equipment
  • Trans Buildings and Site Huts
  • Demountable Housing

Full, Complete, Perfection!

We offer a reassuring service in the supervision of your project logistics with our Superintendent service. By overseeing the load and discharge of your shipping, we are able to confidently and expertly carry out your relocation with all the skill and expertise in care and professional management. We have a high level of experience and understanding of the wharves throughout New Zealand and the Pacific along with their various procedures, so while your overseas cargo is on unfamiliar grounds, Kenter Logistics is absolutely confident and capable of our ability to complete and direct to your specifications.

Let Kenter Logistics take the stress out of your future Project relocations. Please call our customer service team for more information regarding our tailored freight services, available to suit all your relocation needs.