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Machinery Relocations – What You Need To Know

Posted on September 5th, 2013

Do you need to relocate your heavy machinery?

There are various aspects of machinery relocations that can affect the shipping schedule of your project.

In both domestic freighting and international shipment, relocating machinery is a complicated task.  It requires excellent planning and a thorough knowledge of industry expectations.

What does ‘machinery relocation’ involve?

The terms that define machinery relocation can include the use of multiple services and machinery. It is useful for importers to understand the variety of machines and processes that can be used to assist you in achieving your project objectives. Some of these systems and processes (among many others) can include:

  • Container packing and unpacking
  • Plant and machinery dismantling
  • Plant and machinery assembly
  • On-site repositioning
  • Customs Clearance

In addition to our moving fleet, the machinery used to bring about the relocation may include but is not limited to:

  • Straddle Stackers
  • Crane trucks
  • Forklifts and fitters

Relocation of heavy machinery is a complicated, multi-faceted project. Are you up to date with it?

Along with the rules that affect the transportation of heavy machinery around the world, importers of heavy machinery into Australia need to adhere to strict policies set by the Australian Government.

A Focus on Safety.

A strong influence in the relocation of your machinery centers on strict procedural safety laws. These include key principals that affect machinery and safety equipment, risk control and harm minimisation in equipment hazards and the purchasing of machinery and equipment for relocation.

Your machinery relocation should be a streamlined, safe and hassle free process. 

A thorough assessment of the condition in which you wish to import your heavy machinery is the key to a safe and hassle free relocation. There are heavy consequences for those who fail to meet these rigid laws, so a thorough understanding is key to you project success.

Do you need more information? Ask the experts.

Through our services, Kenter are able to provide extensive advice to help you form a solid understanding about the expectations of the Australian Government, when it comes to relocating machinery in Australia. Our team are known for providing premium assistance when the complicated process of shipping heavy machinery is involved in your next project.

Get it right, first time.

As the trusted providers in machinery relocations in Australia, you can rely on our board of professionals to get the job done tight, first time, every time.

To arrange your personalised quote, please call our customer solutions team and speak to one of our trained staff about your project.