Land & Road Freight Transport

Over The Road Freight

Kenter Logistics is a highly recommended service for organizing over the road transportation. With a team dedicated to reliable and professional services Kenter has a tried and tested network of trucking brokers. Kenter Logistics is highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of over the road transportation in the USA including oversized cargo, and internationally.

Its starts with the right planning

Our meticulously planned heavy haulage transport and heavy lift services have been relied upon by clientele worldwide. The combined expertise of Kenter Logistics recognize that careful planning is required when receiving over sized cargo under ships hook. Kenter Logistics prides itself on detailed organization to ensure your exposure to risk is limited and your budget is met without fuss or unnecessary waiting periods. With our trusted techniques in road transportation and crane services at the port, Kenter Logistics is able to provide seamless transition in the receiving of cargo under site to ship and ship to shore services, with a policy of total accountability on all our offered services.

It involves complete end to end solutions

If you’re seeking Complete Project Management Relocation of equipment, Kenter Logistics has the expertise and experience with the most demanding of relocating construction equipment and full project management of your relocation needs and with your specifications, budget and schedule at the top of our priority list. We’ll tailor a complete relocation package to meet your time and budget needs for moving:
  • Plant and equipment
  • Mining machinery
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Demountable housing
  • Rail carriages
  • Silos
  • Boat moulds

Equipment & Machinery Moving

The intricate details, the asset protection and the regulatory requirements that are involved in relocating and moving heavy machinery and equipment can be a nightmare for those involved. Heavy machinery requires special road permits in the USA and in all countries around the world this changes.  It can be overweight machinery that requires a different transport routing, or with over height machinery we cannot make it under a road bridge.  Fortunately, with our dedicated team, Kenter Logistics is focused on ensuring a smooth, speedy and pain free service of transportation and we are trained through experience and relied upon for consistency in our mission to make relocations easy. Ready to discuss your relocation plan? Discover why Kenter Logistics are among the most trusted and relied upon in our game. Talk to the friendly and professional team at Kenter Logistics today to see how we can manage your relocation project and work together to take the stress out of a job that doesn’t have to be a problem.