International Freight Shipping Services

From Roro shipping of mining equipment to complete project management, Kenter Logistics has got shipping oversized cargo internationally covered. Our experience in all aspects of international freight and RoRo shipping gives you the best possible freight solution available. We have a network of reliable service contractors and established partnerships that stretches worldwide. We will evaluate the most cost-effective shipping option for your cargo to ensure it’s protected as much as possible and assist during its journey through the supply chain to have it delivered without costly delays.

Dismantle (Knock-Down) & Container Ocean Shipping

Kenter assesses every aspect of your project to provide the best and most cost-effective global freight option. If we cost dismantling machinery for shipping as the optimum alternative, we as agent manage the:
  • Heavy hauling of machinery
  • Dismantle of machinery
  • Packing and Lashing along with reporting of all parts and equipment
  • Drayage of containers on and off the Port

Roll-On / Roll-Off & Breakbulk

Kenter are specialists in heavy machinery ocean freight. Our expertise in roll-on roll-off (RoRo shipping) and Breakbulk shipping is based on years of hands-on experience. We can:
  • Ship any size machinery and Oversized cargo to anywhere in the world
  • Ensure the global freight is seamless and efficient
  • Coordinate safe transportation, whatever the requirements

Environment Protection Agency

Kenter Logistics has an in-depth understanding of the United States Environment Protection Agency and their regulations. We can handle all aspects of import and export requirements in accordance with regulations, including:
  • Arrange pre-shipping preparation, cleaning and fumigation of heavy haulage and earthmoving equipment for import/export to meet EPA requirements for import into United States
  • Guide on Heavy Duty Highway Diesel Program for Import
  • Manage Title Validation for export with US Customs and Border Protection
  • Arrange Cartage to a secure holding yard to minimise storage in an Auction Yard while you wait for a vessel

US Import Customs Clearance

We can arrange the pre-clearance of cargo through the US Customs Importer security filing entry process and import customs clearance into the USA. This process is essential to minimise potential delays and additional fees in port storage.

Do I need a licence to import something?

You do not need a license to act as an importer. However, some items require a license or permit from various government agencies in order to be imported. For more complete information, please see the CBP publication. Some common items that may require licenses or permits are food products ordered from a commercial vendor, plant, animal and dairy products etc… CBP paperwork does require an “importer number” as a means of identifying who the final recipient of the goods is. If you have a business tax number with the IRS, this number should be used as the importer number. If you do not have a business tax number, you may use your Social Security number which can be discussed further with the IRS. U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) requires that the ultimate consignee be reported on all importations entering into the commerce of the United States. An Employer Identification Number applies to goods purchased by a corporation. A Social Insurance Number applies to goods purchased by an individual. The customs broker submits this information along with the entry to U.S. Customs. The team will help you with the Customs Form 5106  if your EIN is not active.

Project Cargo & Cargo Superintendancy

Access to the port internationally is becoming increasingly difficult. The Kenter Logistics’ team is equipped with the appropriate inductions and Security clearance checks to ensure we have direct wharf access United States wide. This means we can:
  • Directly attend to the discharge of your cargo
  • Liaise with international shipping lines and stevedores
  • Make sure that your freight receives the best possible care
Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover why Kenter Logistics are the trusted link in international freight.