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Port Of Brisbane Chain Of Responsibility Fee From 7TH July 2014

Posted on July 1st, 2014

As of 7th July 2014, the Port of Brisbane will be implementing a Chain of Responsibility Fee on all full import containers.

There will be an additional $12.00 + GST charge per import container coming off the wharf for this process.

More importantly – Stevedore’s will commence weigh in motion for all import full containers to comply with Chain of Responsibility Legislation. In addition to the standard fee, should the vehicle be given a red light (overweight), it will be stopped, refused exit from the terminal and the container(s) will be required to be removed from the vehicle. If any container is required to be removed from a vehicle then a Chain of Responsibility Overweight fee will apply in the amount of $150.00 per container and a futile trip may also be applicable.

The wharf will not release any container that is overweight until it can be loaded on to a vehicle and not set off the lights. Our transport can carry up to about 28T legally on a trailer and 23T on a side loader, the only issues then is the axle weights, if they are over the trucks will be stopped.

Please ensure all weight declarations are correct to avoid complications during collection of containers from the wharf.